Episode 6: A Look Back at 2014 and Critical Infrastructure Predictions with ThetaRay’s Mark Gazit

December 19, 2014
In Episode 6 of the Cybercrime and Business Podcast, the gang reflects on the top stories and trends that stood out in 2014 including the breaches at JPMorgan Chase and Jimmy John's, the new wave of ransomware and destructive attacks, the increase in Apple malware, and, of course, Sony.

This week's guest is Mark Gazit, CEO of Israel-based ThetaRay, and he shares his concerns for 2015 including how critical infrastructure will be affected by the "internet of machines" and the growing number of nation states getting involved in cyberwarfare.

Episode 5: Government Gets “D” Cybercrime Grade and Cyber Insurance with Greg Schaefer

December 12, 2014
In Episode 5 of the Cybercrime and Business Podcast, the team discusses November's cybercrime report cards. Four of the 12 industry sectors received grade of "C-" or worse, indicating increased risk compared to their six-month average. The government sector received the month's worst grade of "D."

This week's guest is Greg Schaefer, president and founder of Schaefer Enterprises Inc., a Manhattan based insurance agency. He discussed various cyber insurance options and how businesses can use cyber insurance to help manage their risk..

Episode 4: Sony’s Massive Breach and Hacking Wall Street with Intralinks Matt Porzio

December 5, 2014
In Episode 4 of the Cybercrime and Business Podcast, the team discusses the top story of the week: the massive breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the speculation around who did the attack, and the destructive Wiper malware. Also, seven of the top 10 trending cybercrime industry targets this week fell in the Consumer Goods sector, and a few important stories went under the radar, including Operation Cleaver, which has targeted at least 50 aerospace companies, airlines, oil and energy firms, universities, and hospitals across 16 countries. 

This week's guest is Matt Porzio, VP of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) strategy and marketing at Intralinks, and we discuss the FIN4 hacking group, which has been targeting "insider information that could make or break stock prices for over 80 publicly traded companies," as FireEye reported.