Episode 31: DDoS Delays Airline, OPM Breach Widens and PoS Health Assessment with Bit9 + Carbon Black’s Chris Strand

June 26, 2015

LOT Polish Airlines had 10 flights cancelled and 12 more delayed due to a DDoS attack that disrupted service. More wineries issued notifications from the Missing Link Networks point-of-sale breach. Hearings on the Office of Personnel Management breach revealed additional information on the attack. And Financials targets are trending. 

This week's guest is Chris Strand, director of compliance at Bit9 + Carbon Black. They just released their 2015 Point-of-Sale Security Mid-Year Health Assessment, and we chat about trends in PoS security. The interview starts at 15:20.

Episode 30: Password Manager Breach, MLB Hacking and Phone Fraud with Pindrop Security’s David Dewey

June 19, 2015

Password manager LastPass disclosed a data breach. The FBI is investigating front-office personnel from the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking into an internal network of the Houston Astros to steal player information. Magazine publisher Bonnier Publications lost $1.5 million, and nearly another $1.5 million, to cybercriminals. And the Office of Personnel Management received more criticism.

This week's guest is David Dewey, director of research for Pindrop security, and we chat about their recent State of Phone Fraud Report. The interview starts at 13:45.


Episode 29: Duqu Hits Kaspersky, Federal Employees Face Massive Breach and Network Security with Dimension Data’s Rich Schofield

June 12, 2015

Kaspersky Lab and other targets were infected with sophisticated – and very likely state-sponsored – malware known as Duqu 2.0. The fallout around the breach of federal employees' information at the United States Office of Personnel Management continues. The government sector remains front and center on a global scale with incidents in Japan and Germany as well as a report that 153 machines are still infected with Stuxnet. And several high-profile cases from the past year see some progress on the legal front.

This week's guest is Rich Schofield, business development director, Network Integration, at Dimension Data. They recently released the 2015 Network Barometer Report, and we chat about the findings and any developments on the network security front. The interview starts at 14:10.


Episode 28: Rising Government Risk, POS Breach Lull and the Snowden Anniversary with Thycotic’s Nathan Wenzler

June 5, 2015

A new round of SurfWatch Lab's industry report cards pegs Government as the industry with the biggest increase in risk. Several new cyberwar-related stories hit the news: a failed Stuxnet-type campaign against North Korea and an ISIS social media post that backfired in an explosive way. On the flip side, the Consumer Goods sector continues its trend of decreased cyber risk. And the Freedom Act is passed into law.

This week's guest is Nathan Wenzler, Senior Technology Evangelist at Thycotic, and we chat about the two-year anniversary of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations, how it has impacted the business community, and Thycotic's RSA survey on NSA surveillance. The interview starts at 13:55.