Episode 44: Big Data Breaches, Legal Shakeups and EMV Rollout with eConsumer Services’ Monica Eaton-Cardone

October 9, 2015

Several big names made headlines for data breaches this week including Scottrade, Patreon, Kmart, Experian, and Samsung-acquired LoopPay. Advisories were issued related to malware affecting iOS devices and the Outlook Web Application. And a European Court ruled the US-EU Safe Harbor framework invalid, potentially impacting thousands of companies.

This week's guest is Monica Eaton-Cardone, managing partner for eConsumerServices. October 1 was the deadline for merchants to transition to EMV, and the liability for some card present fraud has now shifted. We chat about how the deadline impacts consumers and businesses as well as some issues surrounding the transition in the U.S. The interview starts at 21:45.

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