Episode 69: More Bank Attacks, New Malware and Walmart Sues Visa

May 13, 2016

This week's trending cybercrime events included data breaches at Google, Kiddicare, and InvestBank as well as a ransomware infection that led to YahooMail being temporarily banned from the House of Representatives and a series of Anonymous-led DDoS attacks against banks. Researchers discovered several new mobile threats including RuMMS and Viking Horde Botnet malware. Blogger, PerezHilton and CBS-affilitiated websites were hit with malvertising. A new credit card scam was uncovered in Kuala Lumpur. Legal news includes Walmart suing Visa over chip-and-signature practices, the FTC and FCC partnering to investigate mobile security updates, and updated information on several stories including the Wendy's data breach and the signing of the Defend Against Trade Secrets Act of 2016. Lastly, a Lego robot can bypass screen pattern security.


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